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  Xia Ning petticoats are almost ready to cry.Tang Wulin said with a wry smile, "I almost died. Do you think it was smooth?""So what?" Extremely wu sneer at a way."Our sincerity has been demonstrated. It's your turn." A hoarse voice sounded.

  After layers of inspection, enter an underground area.av有码帝国Ye Chong paid a small price to learn about the situation, and soon he learned that there really was an underground palace in the depths of the third continent, and there was a huge door, which attracted a lot of people's attention. Occasionally, there were voices coming out of it, but no one knew what was inside. But judging from those voices, there should be a very unreliable existence, and most of them are alive."So what?" Extremely wu sneer at a way.


"You will be very strange, why the first class is about fighting armor division. That's because your basic courses have been completed before you came here. If you don't learn the basics well enough, you can't get into Shrek at all. Therefore, there is no basic course here. Fighting armor is your goal for the next five, ten, or even fifteen or twenty years. "Six hundred meters away from the left front, a huge figure with reddish brown hair is constantly moving at high speed, and the moving trajectory seems to be centered on him and Gu Yue.

Beibei's voice is calm and firm. His face is still a little pale, but he has been able to act. Slowly came to the front of Huo Yuhao and blocked him behind him.Continue to move forward, the pace is steady and firm."Besides, there are really too many interesting things in this life. It's really interesting that someone dares to compete for my things. I haven't felt this way for a long time. If I can meet that person, it will be more interesting to enter this coral carving this time!" A hair appeared in the sailor, and he glanced at it faintly, and the smile on his mouth became more meaningful.

"A slave, don't learn to bark here, get out!" With a drink from the Prince of God, the golden dragon called by the Emperor Daolong behind him roared at the same time at this moment, which made the old servant retreat one after another, spouting blood, and a little crack appeared on him, even a blood trail emerged between the eyebrows.The golden cocoon exudes a strong breath of life, although the internal situation is not clear. But dancing in the sky can clearly feel that there are two very clear life fluctuations inside. This at least proves that both Tang Wulin and Gu Yue are still alive and fine.

Success or failureThe spiral lines on the hammer handle extend downward, and the end is spherical and narrows downward until it becomes a sharp tail.